Be Bare Conditioner Bar 100g- Genie in a Bar

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This Be Bare Conditioner Bar is Hydrating without weighing your hair down.

It will make your detangling an easy task and will leave your hair feeling light, silky soft and shiny (because of health, not OIL!)

It boasts a calming scent of lavender with a hint of patchouli. The combination of these powerfully healing essential oils help to prevent dandruff, balance an oily scalp and soothe skin irritations. It also contains lots of cacao butter, coconut oil and a dash of vitamin E.


After shampooing, wet your conditioner bar and slide it over your wet hair from root to tip several times, preferably under gently running water to start (for the first few seconds). Repeat this gentle sliding motion as much as is necessary. Comb/brush through your hair in the shower if you wish, then rinse.


Our bars will last longest and perform best when allowed to dry between use. We recommend storing them on a soap dish that has drainage holes or slats and keeping them away from spraying water while not in use. Keep the bars separate to prevent them from sticking together.


''Know that feeling you sometimes get when your face feels uncomfortably taut & dry after washing it? Well lather up a bit of the conditioner paste in your hands & apply gently to the face for the perfect post-wash relief. It makes for an amazing in-shower moisturiser for both face & body! – Stephanie ''