Corium Lemon Brightening Overnight Serum 50ml

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This serum is lightweight and easily absorbed. It contains lemon essential oil and other premium carrier oils with known skin properties. Lemon essential oil is well-known to assist in the reversal of hyper-pigmentation, uneven skin tone and dull-looking skin. It is also antiviral and antiseptic helping to reduce the occurence of breakouts. Besides smelling awesome, lemongrass essential oil, also found in the serum, is anti-bacterial and an astringent.

CAUTION: Lemon oil can cause heightened photo-sensitivity increasing the skin's vulnerability to sun damage. Lemon oil is used in low dilutions (<2%) in the serum to minimise its' sun sensitising effect.  We advise that our clients use the serum 6 hours before being exposed to direct sunlight (and UV rays) This product is therefore best used at night and as a responsible skincare provider, Corium draws special attention of our clientele to this.