Jozi Organic Deodorant Ylang Ylang

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Jozi Organic, South Africa's largest organic deodorant range, is a biodegradable, eco-friendly roll on.  Our gentle and effective deodorant is made from plant derived organic ingredients containing:

Absolutely no nasties!

  • No aluminium - Aluminium is a common antiperspirant additive that prevents perspiration. However it is a skin irritant, clogs pores and has been linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer's disease.
  • No alcohol - This efficient solvent is used extensively in perfumes and other cosmetics, but over time can cause dryness and irritation.
  • No parabens - Parebens are used as preservatives in almost all cosmetics. Parabens can cause skin irritation, contact dermatitis, skin allergies and are surrounded by breast cancer controversy.
  • No petrochemicals - These are used in almost all cosmetics as cheap and effective fragrances, colourants and other ingredients, they can provoke skin allergies and destroy the natural oily barrier on the skin, leaving it dry and flaky.
  • No propylene glycol - This is used in most deodorants and cosmetics, it can be a skin irritant and alters skin structure, allowing potentially harmful chemicals to penetrate deeply into the skin.

Antiperspirants inhibit natural body perspiration with pore clogging chemicals while deodorants allow perspiration, but prevent odour.