Reusable Fabric Face Mask (set of 2)

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The South African National department of health has recommended that all South Africans should wear cloth face masks when in public to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

This item includes a single Pack of 2 x double layer, fabric, reusable face masks. 

(With pocket for disposable filter) They are washable for reuse. They accept a disposable filter (to make the mask 3-ply)

These masks are locally manufactured. 

  • 2 layer with filter pocket
  • washable
  • Reusable
  • fluid resistant 
  • Wash before use 
  • Use of commercial filters for pocket is recommended (if not available, use dried out wet wipe as shown in the product picture)


These face masks are made to create a basic barrier between the mouth, nose and the surrounding environment of the wearer. They hugely reduce the possibility of the wearer touching their face with their hands. They are not medical grade, filtration or respirator masks and do not seal tightly to the wearers face. They provide a basic level of protection from contaminants, but inhalation of small airborne particles is possible. Good hygiene in the daily disposal of the filter materials and washing of the face mask must be strictly followed in order to minimize the possibility of contamination.