Viridian Cranberry Berry

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In traditional North American herbalism, cranberry has been used to prevent kidney stones and “bladder gravel” as well as to remove toxins from the blood.


One to three capsules daily, or as recommended.

Up to 800mg daily over 3 months has been found to be effective in reducing the recurrence of UTIs.


Potential applications

Urinary tract infections, cellular protection, cataracts - anthocyanosides may protect both the lens and retina from oxidative damage, chronic venous insufficiency, prostatitis, kidney stones (calcium oxalate).

Known contraindications

Cranberry concentrate has no known side effects and has no known contraindications to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.



Proton pump drugs that block stomach acid production can inhibit vitamin B12 uptake and absorption. Taking cranberry juice may help increase the local acidity in the stomach and improve uptake.


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Note many cranberry juice products on the market are known to contain sugar. Since sugar has a detrimental effect on the immune system, the use of sweetened cranberry juice cannot be recommended.