Zero Waste Bovine Collagen Granules

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This Collagen is sourced from The Harvest Table.

This includes Bovine Type 1 and Type 3 Collagen. 

Hydrolysed Collagen is a true superstar food which offers  a highly nourishing level of specific collagen peptides known for their ability to rebuild and repair. One of the more common reasons collagen is used to nourish and support a healthy body is that it may support joint, tendon and cartilage health. 

Collagen granules:

-Dissolve effortlessly into liquids

-neutral flavour 

-perfect for using in cooking or baking 

Suggested Use: Mix 2 level tablespoons with water, juice and mix thoroughly. For best results, consume 1-2 servings daily, with one serving post exercise.Can also be blended into your favourite smoothie or mixed into your morning coffee. 

How does ordering Zero Waste Online work? 

We work with a ‘deposit’ system for the glass jars and bottles, much like the beverage bottle exchange system of old. You pay a refundable deposit on every jar that you purchase. When you place your next order, we will pick up the empty jars on delivery of the new order. The jars are cleaned and sanitized. We will then issue a credit amount for the jars, that will be applied on your next order! (Online discount code to be supplied in the amount of the credit, to be used on Checkout, when placing your online order)

Should you not wish to order with us again, you can either keep the jars (no refunded deposit) and use them as you wish,

OR if you would like to return the jars, you can do so and request this jar deposit amount to be refunded to you. 

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a refund for broken or damaged jars.

If you choose the product only for your online order, it will be delivered in a sealed brown bag (applicable for dry goods only).