Zero Waste Oxygen Bleach

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This Oxygen Bleach is non-toxic to humans, plants and animals. It is a great natural alternative to harmful bleaches!

Benefits include:

  • Colour safe and fabric safe
  • Brightens Colours
  • Continuous use won't cause yellowing or discolouration of cotton fabrics
  • Effective at removing stains
  • It doesn't weaken the strength of any fabrics (Chlorine Bleach does weaken them)
  • In laundry, Oxy Bleach is used to remove stains, remove smells and whiten.
  • It is extremely effective as a laundry 'pre-soak' for heavily stained items

Directions for use:

For lightly stained items, add 1/4 cup with your laundry detergent. Use 1/2 cup for moderate to heavy stains.

General Cleaning:

Oxybleach remains active for 5-6 hours once mixed into a solution. It should be discarded therafter. (TIP- Use unused Oxy Bleach solution to pour down your drains or toilet. This will help to clean and deodorize. Oxy Bleach Solutions are most effective when they are made with warm to hot solutions!)

Use in Kitchen and Refrigerators:

To eliminate mould and mildew, or any other organic type of stains, mix general solution into a knapsack/spray bottle. Apply to surfaces with a soft cloth. Let is sit for 10-20 minutes, then wipe and rinse thoroughly.


Use 1 to 2 Tablespoons in the dishwasher. (TIP- Vinegar as a rinse aid is a great natural alternative!)


Septic system safe. For use in toilets, use 3/4 cup. Wait 15 mins and then scrub. For mildew stains, it works best when left to soak overnight. For the bathtub and shower, it is effective when you make a paste with hot water, scrub with a cloth or sponge, wait 15 mins for the bleach to work and then rinse.  

Special note:

Oxygen bleach must not be used with: Silk fabrics, Will not remove rust stains or mineral deposits from hard water.


How does ordering Zero Waste Online work? 

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