Magnesium Oil Foot & Bath Soak 500ml

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This wonderful Magnesium Oil Soak is a wonderful way to deliver Magnesium to the body, in one of its most absorbable forms. When added into warm water as a foot soak, or into your bath, the magnesium is absorbed directly into the skin tissue, entering the cells, immediately replacing the body's lost Magnesium. 

We need Magnesium in our bodies, as it plays an essential role in most of our bodily processes. It may assist with blood circulation, Constipation, Candida, Dermatitis, Restless Legs, Anxiety, Aches & Pains, Migraine and Headaches, Cramps and Spasms, PMS and more.

Directions for Use:

Shake Before opening. 

Bath Soak: Pour 4-5 caps into the bath water. Enjoy a relaxing soak for at least 20 mins. 

Foot Soak: Pour 3 caps into a container of water (One that is big enough to soak both feet) and soak for at least 20 mins. 

Ingredients: Zechstein Magnesium Chloride, Pure Distilled Water, Water Soluble Essential Oils.