In-house Wellness practitioners

At Azikho we have some incredible health professionals who operate within our establishment, in our 6 wellness rooms.

At present, we are blessed to work with the following health practitioners:

Room 1: Tegan Coetzee Laser & Aesthetics

Book via WhatsApp:

t: (071) 821 8404

Room 2: Incredible Living Supplements 

t: Candice: (076) 998 0592


Room 3: Simone Draai - The Holding Space - Craniosacral Therapy



t: (082) 677 7322

Room 4: Ocean Chiropractics - Dr Arline Muller 



t: (082) 455 0488

Room 5 and 6:

These are currently sessional rooms that are available to Practitioners on an ad-hoc basis. Rooms are serviced and have ducted air conditioning.

If you would like to make a Booking to use one of our Sessional Rooms, please use the following link: