Aether Apothecary Sea Moss Powder 70g

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Sea moss (also known as Chondrus crispus) is a form of algae or red seaweed which grows in the rocky coasts of the Atlantic ocean between North America and Europe. This awesome powder is high in minerals  nutrients and vitamins. It helps with immune, endocrine and thyroid support. It is high in fibre and rich in prebiotics, so helps to promote good gut health, encourage efficient digestion and elimination.

Nutrient dense, high in vitamins and mineralsThyroid supportGut healthEndocrine supportImmune support



1 teaspoon , 1-3  times a day 

*Always Check with your practitioner if you are using any other medication (such as hormonal birth control, anti-anxiety medications, benzodiazepines, antidepressants, proton pump inhibitors, cyclosporine, voriconazole, statins, opioids, calcium channel blockers and anti-epileptic medications.) 


Chondrus Crispus