How does it work?

A digital infra-red thermal system captures images to a specialised software program. The colours on the images indicate increases or decreases in infra-red radiation emitted from the body surface.


What can it do?

Thermography can detect breast cancer before a tumour has even formed. What's more, it is done without inflicting pain and without exposing you to dangerous radiation by way of reading thermal emissions from your body. This methodology can also detect various other vascular, muscular ailments, sport injuries and spinal problems by showing a "hot spot"  or "cold spot".




Medical Infra-red Thermal Imaging measures the physiological aspect of the breast, while mammography measures the anatomical aspect of the breast. Scientifically, therefore, thermography does not replace mammography. Thermography has been FDA approved as an adjunct to  mammography and physical examination. Breast thermography is the only known test for earliest cancer detection. It should be noted that neither mammography nor thermography has the ability to diagnose cancer. A diagnosis of breast cancer can only be made with a biopsy. As we know that one in eight women will get breast cancer, we must use all means possible to detect cancer at the earliest possible moment to ensure the greatest chance for survival.


Mammograms Can Actually INCREASE Your Risk of Breast Cancer

 They expose your body to radiation that can be 1,000 times greater than that from a chest x-ray -- this makes you vulnerable unnecessarily to further risks of radiation-induced cancer.

Additionally, mammography compresses the breasts tightly (and often painfully), which could lead to a lethal spread of any existing malignant cells.

And there is no solid evidence that mammograms save lives. In fact, research demonstrates that adding an annual mammogram to a careful physical examination of the breasts does not improve breast cancer survival rates over getting the examination alone.



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