Tulsi Tea - Turmeric Ginger

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In India, the herb Tulsi, Holy Basil,  - sometimes spelt ''Tulasi''- has been widely known for its medicinal value, and health-promoting benefits. It is also known as ''The Queen of Herbs''

Turmeric has wonderful qualities. It has the ability to support liver function, our immune system and boosts the body's natural inflammatory response. This addition to the Tulsi in this tea complements it beautifully, to form a delicious, healing, revitalising drink! It is also blended with Ginger and Cinnamon which make the taste spicy and flavourful.

Serving Suggestion. Place one tea bag in a cup full of boiling water and leave to steep for a few minutes. Add sweetener of your choice, if you like, and simply enjoy.

Box Contains: 25 tea bags