Waveex Radiation Protection Sticker

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Are you worried about the effects of electromagnetic radiation on your body? This very small chip makes a HUGE difference!

This Waveex Protection Chip protects our bodies from High-(radio)- frequency radiation. It harnesses the only technology in the world that can expand this protection to a biological level! The Waveex chip does this, by 'smoothing' the magnetic peaks and as a result, new mobile technologies become easier for our bodies to tolerate. This has been proven scientifically and medically.

Our body (organism) uses lower frequencies (between 0 and 30 Hz) for internal communication processes. The frequencies that our cellular devices emit in this range interfere with this communication, continuously. The cellular device creates an electromagnetic field in the vicinity close to the cellular device, and the levels are so inconsistent (they contain gaps and peaks called gradients). 

Waveex disassembles these peaks into smooth progressions that make the electromagnetic fields tolerable for our bodies! This means that the body is under less stress, and this prevents changes in the blood profile. 

The Waveex Chip can be used on:

  • Mobile Phones 
  • Tablets 
  • Cordless Telephones 
  • Wireless Routers 
  • Baby Monitors 
  • Can also be use independent of the use (Telephoning, surfing, on the body )

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